The Humanist Assembly


Washington State

find the joy in life


It is our Mission

To promote Humanist thinking and ideals.
To provide a gathering place for like minded individuals and

      families, as well as seekers of truth.
To provide ethical education and promote family values within

      our congregation.
To perform good works within the community.
To make available Humanist clerical and officiant services.

The Humanist Assembly of Washington State is a non-profit Washington State corporation founded by Pastor Dave Ptasnik and his wife Cindy.  Pastor Dave is ordained in the Church of Spiritual Humanism and performs all clerical and officiant duties.  At this time Pastor Dave and Cindy are volunteering their time to support the foundation of the Assembly.  They receive no salary for their work.  You may click the box on the right for more information about Pastor Dave and his services as a Wedding Officiant.


Humanism is a belief that we live in a logical and scientific universe and that there is no evidence of supernatural beings. That we must rely on ourselves and each other for strength, wisdom, and support.  Humanism teaches that kindness, generosity, and responsibility can be learned and developed by us and our children.


Sorry, the Humanist Assembly has closed.  This is just a reference page.