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Washington State

find the joy in life


Churches traditionally are also houses of worship in supernatural beings.  Since the dawn of time people have tried to understand the world around them.  Zeus, the god of thunder, was invented to explain lightning storms.  Almost all religions have a fanciful story to explain the creation of the world and the existence of humans. 

Attending church is a good thing.  Studies have shown that members of church congregations are happier, live longer, are more successful, have stronger families, contribute more to their communities, and generally live more full and fulfilling lives. Church helps people find the joy in life.


We are fortunate to live in an age of science and reason.  We have advanced our understanding of the world through study and experimentation.  No longer does an enlightened humanity need to pray to a fertility goddess to have children or to a weather god to end a drought.  We understand how the world works and do not need to engage in magical thinking or believe in mysterious and vengeful gods.


The Humanist Assembly of Washington State brings you and your family the benefits of belonging to a congregation of shared belief and values without the supernatural beliefs of most other churches.  We hold regular and special occasion services that feel like any other church.  But instead of praying to a supreme being we call on each other for support and look within ourselves for strength.  Led by Pastor Dave Ptasnik, each service includes prayers, recitations, and a positive, uplifting message to help you improve your life and your outlook on life.

Immediately after the service the congregation will participate in humanist education and support activities.  Children will have a Sunday School that teaches age appropriate lessons about ethical behavior and basic scientific truths like evolution and the big bang. (Pending)


Our regular services are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 7 - 9 pm in North Seattle and online.

Join The Humanist Assembly of Washington State today!  Enjoy the benefits of belonging to a church that believes in the real, the rational, and the provable.

find the joy in life


Sorry, the Humanist Assembly has closed.  This is just a reference page.